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Plumbing Emergency Disasters Caused by Broken Laundry Machines

Jan 31

    Plumbing emergency disasters caused by broken laundry machines are more common than one might expect. Many washing machine manufacturers leave out a very important step when instructing homeowners on how to install their products. The screen that is installed inside of the washing machine drain is not sealed with plumbers putty and therefore does not create a water-tight seal when the washer is attached to the sink drain pipe underneath the bathroom or kitchen sink.

     This emergency can cause emergency plumbing issues in your home if you have experienced this emergency previously, it's best to contact emergency plumbing companies for help with any broken washing machine emergency before it gets worse and causes major damage to your kitchen or bathroom.

     If you suspect that your drain isn't working correctly, you can check for a few clues yourself. First, make sure that the emergency shut-off switch on your washing machine is working properly and turns the water off to the washer immediately when activated. Then run hot water in your sink and place a bucket underneath the emergency cutoff valve of your washing machine if it is damaged it won't turn off the flow of water to reset it simply push down on it with all of your strength until you hear click this means that it is ready to be activated by itself or manually if need be.

     Some warning signs that there may an emergency with your washing machine's emergency plumbing shutoff system are if there appears rust around where the hose attaches to the back of the machine, you will want to have one of emergency plumbers come out immediately to look at your emergency plumbing issue. You can also check the emergency cutoff switch itself for any rust or water damage. If it appears that there has been any leaking of water onto the emergency cutoff switch, turn off the machine and call emergency plumbing right away because even with a quick fix this is an emergency plumbing problem than will only get worse without professional help.

     A few things you can do yourself when there is an emergency caused by washing machines are to shut off the power in your home if not done already, shut off the hot and cold water supply in your sink then go underneath your washing machine and remove both hoses one before it attaches to the washer and one after so that all of the water drains out, once the emergency plumber comes out, they will be able to inspect your emergency plumbing drain and help you fix it if possible with a quick repair.

Hiring an Emergency Plumber Can Help Avert Home Disasters from Getting Worse

     If the emergency plumber that comes has to replace the emergency cutoff switch due to water damage or rust from being used for so long then a replacement emergency cutoff switch should be available at most emergency plumbing stores. Once a new emergency cutoff switch is installed by emergency plumbing professionals it is important not to use any appliance that uses water until another professional comes out and checks your emergency plumbing system so that there are no further problems with your emergency plumbing system caused by broken washing machines as this can cause major emergencies in your home.

     Plumbing emergency disasters caused by broken laundry machines are preventable if the emergency cutoff switch is checked for proper functionality and your emergency plumbing system is used correctly. If you suspect that there may be a problem with your emergency plumbing system, call emergency plumbers who will come out and inspect it for free and let you know if there is an emergency plumbing disaster waiting to happen in your home.