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How do you get a job as a waiter, without any experience?

Mar 8

It's a great opportunity to meet new friends and earn extra income by becoming a waiter at an establishment. If you've never worked as a waiter before, it isn't easy to get a job in a restaurant. You could still be able to secure a job on the best restaurant job sites for waiters even if you don't have any previous experience.

Check out the restaurants you're interested in working at. You should visit at most five restaurants since the industry of restaurants is extremely competitive. Ask your waiter questions regarding your experience, and try the food. Be attentive to how they wait for you at your table. As they might have other customers and customers, you shouldn't try to pester them. It is possible to ask them questions regarding their experiences working at the place. If they're willing to do this, you can exchange e-mail and phone numbers. If they can answer your questions, you could ask them more questions.


To showcase your best talents, fine-tune your resume to highlight your best qualities. Your experience with customer service should be highlighted. Make sure you highlight your ability to communicate with customers. Managers expect friendly, consistent waiters to join their ranks. It is a good idea to record your education history. Some restaurants will not hire someone who doesn't have an education degree from a university.


You should apply for the job before peak season arrives, such as the summer and Christmas seasons. This is usually when restaurants are short of personnel and more likely to hire applicants like you. Timing is everything. To avoid being overwhelmed and to have more time with the general manager, plan to arrive at the restaurant following the lunch shift.


Dress up in a professional manner and head to the restaurant. Make sure your clothes are clean, ironed, and dry. Also, ensure that your shoes and hair are shaved if necessary. Smile and request the host or hostess to help. If the host isn't available, ask the manager. Restaurants have a vast collection of applications that people submit. They don't look them up. You should meet face-to-face with your general manager.


Pay attention to the general manager and shake his hand. You can mention to the manager that you talked to an employee at the restaurant about their service. Mention positive comments the waiter may have regarding the restaurant. It will make both you and the waiter look great, as you compliment the restaurant. Then, you can ask for filling in an application. Take your time and do it carefully. Once you're done, send it together with your resume to the manager in charge. Smile and answer all his questions honestly should he allow you to interview. Ask when you can return if he's not available. Be polite and be sure to follow up.


Be nice to everyone. Even if you don't love one person initially the issue will be transferred to the manager in charge. Be courteous, polite, and smile. It's the same for the general manager as well as everyone other staff members at the restaurant. If you can convince everyone to desire to work in the restaurant, you will eventually be hired as an employee.


At your home, balance dishes and glasses. After balancing several plates glasses, stroll around your home. It is important to carry large quantities of drink and food throughout bustling restaurants. This is something you must be comfortable with. It is also possible to practice opening wine bottles with the wine keys of a waiter so that you don't appear like a novice once you enter the restaurant.


Basic math skills must be mastery. It's a great skill, mainly since most restaurants use computers in the present. It's important to can do simple subtraction, addition, as well as multiplication within your head. This is a great way of saving time when managing tables.

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