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Hydroseed Denver

Mar 23

The easiest way to make a lawn beautiful is by hydro-seeding. Hydroseeding tips include the recommendation to hydroseed in the spring, summer, and fall. This is because of the need for steady sun and frequent watering multiple times per day to grow and sustain roots that will last many years.

Every season has its own advantages, so your preference will be the deciding factor. Hydro-seeding should be done at 75-85 degrees for the first few weeks. Hydro-seeding the grass in the fall or spring will encourage it to grow faster and use less water than the summer heat. Hydroseeding in summer will result in grass that grows much faster due to heat.


It's likely that you are wondering how much it would be to hydroseed your whole lawn. Hydroseeding a smaller area will cost you $0.18 per square feet. ECCO LLC Denver hydroseeding contractors will often offer discounts for larger areas, bringing your total down substantially. Although hydroseeding lawn is more expensive than grass seeding, it will have a higher chance of germinating. This means that you don't have to replant lawns or fix any problems. You should also be aware of the cost of watering your lawn. Hydroseeding can take up to two months of intensive watering and requires a lot of water.

How to prepare and take care of hydroseeding

Prepare your soil

Make sure your soil is prepared to absorb the hydroseeding mix. Grading the ground is important to ensure that the soil is level and allows the hydroseeding mixture to spread evenly. This will give the grass a firm base to grow from. It is important to weed your soil and make sure it is free of any debris that might hinder the grass from growing properly.

Water-Water Water

The seedlings need to be watered three to four times per day at first. Once the grass starts to grow, you can decrease the frequency. To ensure that the seeds grow and root properly, they will need to be watered regularly. A sprinkler system could be installed that will water the soil as it grows and then reduce it when it is fully grown.


Mowing your lawn can keep it healthy and encourage new growth. Make sure your new growth is at least 3 inches high. This will protect you from any potential damage.


For the growth of grass, fertilizing is very important. It is recommended that you fertilize your lawn every 90 to 120 days with a high-nitrogen fertilizer.

It's not your fault.

Avoid physical contact with the area. Pressure can cause thinning and bald spots. The seedlings will be in a vulnerable condition for the first two to three weeks. Avoid physical contact with them until then. Sprinklers can help you water the area without having to touch it.

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