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Safe towing limits for camper trailers and caravans

Jul 26

Your tow ball weight should be 10% of your gross trailer weight (GTW). 

It is a vital safety procedure to ensure your tow ball weight (TW) is correct for towing. An incorrect towball weight can lead to an increased chance of accidents and increase your fuel consumption and it may also void your vehicle insurance. 

If your tow ball weight is too heavy or too light it may contribute to a range of dangerous situations including sway, loss of traction and loss of steering control

There are a number of ways to measure tow ball weight. A common one is to use bathroom scales. This can be tricky and often times inaccurate. scales need to be raised up on piping or brick and the resulting measurement multiplied by three.

An inexpensive and more accurate alternative is to use a tow scale. Campsmart stocks the towsafe tow ball scale.

A useful pdf guide on towing has been produced by the Caravan & Camping Industry Association. You can view it here.